DecodingU: Design a Perfect-For-You Business

A 3-Month Mastermind for Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators to let go of the shoulds and step into your full sparkle.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all felt like we were on a path of our own choosing and living every day a bit more as who we truly are? Human design is your roadmap to you living more as yourself and running your business in a way that’s best fit for your unique design.

This 3-month Mastermind is here to help guide you in exploring your Human Design and help you apply what you learn about your Human Design to your business.

1:1 Human Design Reading

You get a 1-on-1 Human Design reading of your chart with Missy.

Bi-Weekly Growthmind Mastermind Sessions

Join us for live Zoom mastermind sessions to discuss your Human Design experiment as we focus on implementing different parts of your Human Design strategy.

3 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Get 3 1:1 mentoring sessions. These sessions are to help guide you in your Human Design journey + applying that to your business strategy.

Weekly Reflection Check-ins

Check-in weekly to document your journey with implementing Human Design. This provides accountability + will be used in your final strategy report

Business By Your Design Strategy Plan

A final report to help guide your business  strategy moving forward based on your sessions, reflections check-ins, and chart reading.

Monthly Human Design Workshops

Each month we focus on a different area of your chart to dive deeper into what that means. 

Choose You

DecodingU is about giving you a structure to experiment with your human design energy type and authority to better run your business and life. 

It’s about releasing judgement, and learning to listen to ourselves about how we operate best.

It’s about choosing yourself, choosing fun and freedom to be your most lit up self and in turn inspire and spark those around you.

Find Your Sparkle

As Generators and MG’s (Manifesting Generators) we are the engine of the world, the powerforce to get shit done, but we aren’t living to our fullest design when we are doing things that don’t energize us, that don’t light us up.

This mastermind is all about exploring how to better live within our designs and really find that fire, that sparkle we are meant to live.

Stop living in the should

This is your permission to really explore who you are.

You don’t need to be more of this or that, you need to discover who you are and step into that power. And DecodingU is here to help guide you on that path.

Inside DecodingU we will explore specific areas of your Human Design chart to uncover more about how you work best, what lights you up, what drains you, understand your inner authority and how to apply it, explore what your profile means and how it impacts your business, and more.

Find YOUR Better Way

Give up that frustration of feeling like you should be able to do business in a certain way because that woman you follow on Instagram said to do it that way or that’s what you were told in the 100’s of courses/webinars you took. Learn why you might not do it that way and give yourself permission to explore your best way of doing things. 


We started DecodingU because we wanted a place that would support us and other entrepreneurs like us in applying our Human Design to how we do business specifically as Generators and Manifesting Generators.

Human Design is an amazing tool, and we were blown away by the insight it provided and the validation we felt when we had our first chart readings. But we were left asking:

  • What’s next
  • How can we better use this knowledge
  • How can we apply it to our business
  • How do others use this in their businesses
  • How can I find others to geek out with about Human Design

While we have consumed a lot of amazing resources and trainings, we didn’t find that next level of support and guidance. Especially for us Generators and Manifesting Generators (which is bananas as we make up 70% of the population). 

SO…We developed DeCodingU to support Generators & Manifesting Generators in their Human Design experiment

So who’s this mysterious “we”?

Meet Mariah

Mariah is a 5/1- Emotional Generator

Mariah Tomkinson runs Bloom Hustle Grow helping service-based entrepreneurs get their business operations organized and optimized to make the hustle happier.

Mariah has an MBA, and has spent many years saying, “that’s a great idea, but how are we going to execute that” while working behind-the-scenes helping other entrepreneurs run their businesses. 

She also shares her journey with Human Design over on The Generator Way. She’s a strong believer that if we all could do what we love and what we are uniquely designed for, the world would be a happier place.

Working with Mariah lets me stay in strategy land and she takes care of the “how” of getting there.  She has insight into a lot of different parts of the business and is a valuable member of the team. I appreciate how loyal and trustworthy she is; she cares deeply about the brands she works with. I couldn’t have trusted my business to anybody else while I was on maternity leave. It was such a gift and anybody who gets to work with her is so incredibly lucky.”

Reina Pomeroy, Reina +Co.

Meet Missy

Missy is a 4/6 – Emotional Manifesting Generator

Missy Campbell, the Business Minimalist runs Taste of Simple. She is a Human Design for business expert, a Pinterest expert and a mentor for Intentional Entrepreneurs ready to grow an intention-aligned, soul-satisfying business.

Helping people accept themselves exactly as they are and thriving in their fullness through Human Design + Aligned Business.

We are meant to dive in and understand, then fully express our deepest, truest self in our work and relationships. I help people embrace and live out their nature through Human Design by aligning business strategies + to their HD strategy + authority.

“Missy is a force of nature. I was always in awe of how much she was able to get accomplished in her business while being a homeschooling mom of four! And she did it all with such an upbeat attitude and clear focus and determination. She’s truly special. If you’re looking for someone to support you, coach you, help you, you want — no NEED — Missy in your corner!”

Cailen Ascher, Business Coach for women entrepreneurs

Not only do we bring to the table our years of business experience but we both have worked behind the scenes for multiple 6-to-7 figure online business owners helping them craft and execute their strategies.

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator who wants to learn more about their Human Design and how that can be applied to your business, we hope you will join us in DecodingU! 

We get started in JANUARY 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What topics will be covered in the mastermind?
  • Month 1: What it means to be a generator/mg | your role in the world – your strategy of to respond

  • Month 2: Following your inner-authority | practice and application

  • Month 3: Building your business around how you work best | Profile and Centers

Is this mastermind only for Generators & Manifesting Generators?

Yes! A core part of our topics and materials for this mastermind is about how we best use our energy types in business. We are focusing on the Generator energy type (which also includes Manifesting Generators). Missy and Mariah are both Generators and wanted to have a space that focuses just on this energy type.

Do I need to have a business to join?

Yes, a core part of the mastermind is focused on how you apply your Human Design to how you do business. 

Will recordings of the group sessions be available?

The Growthmind mastermind sessions + any workshops will be recorded and available for the duration of the mastermind.

What are the times + dates of the mastermind

The exact meeting times and days will be determined once we know our members.

The mastermind will run start in Janaury 2023 and run for 3 months. 


What if I have more questions?


You can email at, and we are more than happy to answer any other questions.

How much is the mastermind?

$2100 paid in full or $750 in 3 payments